NSLBF24 N Gauge Scenic Shunting Layout


I designed NSLBF24 as a full easy to store system suitable for any model railway enthusiast who does not want or does not have space for a permanently assembled, difficult to store traditional oval type layout.  When in use the complete assembly can be placed on a covered large piece of furniture such as a table or chest of drawers.  When not in use the scenic layout baseboard can be placed in a plastic storage box to protect it from dust or damage.  Fiddle yard boards can be stored out of the way under or behind a piece of furniture such as a sofa, bed, wardrobe etc.

This N gauge model railway system can be used as a continuous run assembly by adding the removable U-shaped fiddle yard.  The combination enables a railway enthusiast to enjoy watching their model trains continually passing though the scenic area, including very long non-stopping services.  The term theatre style operation is often given to this method of running trains, the scenic baseboard the onstage area and the fiddle yard the offstage area where locomotives and rolling stock are changed over.  The removable fiddle yard measures approximately 122cm long x 80cm wide x 5.5cm high.

Alternatively, this N gauge model railway could be used as a shunting puzzle with a single short fiddle yard added next to the tunnel.  If fiddle yards are placed at both ends a shelf type assembly can be used to shuttle trains through the scenic area from one end to the other.

NSLBF24 is a fully scenic N gauge model railway micro layout, with station halt, goods yard, tunnel and ripple effect pond.  This N gauge micro layout baseboard measures approximately 60.5cm long x 30.5cm wide.  The main feature on this railway layout is a fully modelled station halt platform surrounded by fencing with imitation enamel advertising signs added to provide a little colour and character.  The station platform stonework has been painted and weathered to match the tunnel which masks the exit point to a fiddle yard at one end.  The opposite end of the layout has been left open to allow lots of photography/video making opportunities.

My usual country branch line theme has been reinforced with a large ripple effect pond with the rest of the scenic areas enhanced by imitation rock formations, bushes, weeds, wild flowers and lots of trees.  The front of the layout also has a large flat textured and painted goods yard area next to the pond.

By adding a variety of small accessories and vehicles such as coal staithes, huts, a yard crane etc. a favourite region or era could be suggested.  A backscene to screen off the fiddle yard could also be added.