Aerial view of mixed freight train on NSLBF24 scenic shunting layout

I often design a model railway layout baseboard from scratch.  By compressing and adapting the various design elements and key features during the planning stage, minimum space model railways or micro layouts can be created.

Micro layouts, if well designed, capture the same operational benefits of much larger scenic model railways but within a fraction of the space.  Operational interest is not compromised and there is potential for varied freight and passenger movements.

Many of the model railway layout baseboards I design are created without permanent incorporation of items which denote a specific time period.  By creating a model railway in this form, the simple act of changing rolling stock and accessories changes the perceived time period or regional identity.  This construction method enables steam or diesel era models to be run in an appropriate setting.

Model railway design options include circular, oval, half oval, end to end and terminus arrangements.

Model railway layout themes include branch line operation, double track main line, locomotive depot, coastal railway or a quarry with loading equipment.

Higher specification scenic model railway layout baseboards incorporate weathered and ballasted track, my own hand built trees and many kit or scratch built items resulting in a variety of unique features.