Attention to detail on a scenic model railway layout can help to create a sense of mood, atmosphere and period character.

When building model railway layouts, I often add imitation advertising signs to bring colour and interest to a station platform area.  By also adding my own scratch built flower beds, a sense of the pride that the station staff have in their working environment becomes apparent.

Road and yard areas on my model railway layouts have a fine texture for a realistic effect.  As real yard edges tend to suffer erosion caused by vehicle movements, muddy ruts are carefully modelled in logical areas of the railway layouts to illustrate the effects of such activity.  Vehicle movements coupled with the effects of winter frosts can also create dips and hollows over parts of the yard surface.  The puddles which tend to form in these areas are also realistically represented.

Property boundaries are often marked by fences or walls.  When adding roadside fencing I incorporate many features. Field gates, wicket gates, stiles, lengths of hedging and areas which look broken or repaired, not only help to create a convincing representation of these boundaries but also their diversity and fragility as time takes its toll.