NSLBF17 N Gauge Scenic Model Railway Layout


I designed NSLBF17 as an easy to store N gauge scenic model railway layout.  This N gauge shelf type layout is ideal for any model railway enthusiast who does not want or does not have space for a permanently assembled, difficult to store traditional oval type layout.  When not in use as a working layout the model can be placed on a shelf or a chest of drawers to display favourite items of rolling stock.  Alternatively, the model can easily fit into a plastic storage box to protect it from dust or damage.  Fiddle yards can be stored under or behind a large piece of furniture such as a sofa.

NSLBF17 is a fully scenic highly detailed N gauge shelf layout with a bridge, station halt, goods yard and tunnel.  This N gauge micro layout can be used as a continuous run assembly by adding a removable U-shaped fiddle yard (see NSLBF24 for photographs of a U-shaped fiddle yard in use).  By adding a U-shaped fiddle yard model trains may repeatedly pass through the scenic area including long non-stopping services using theatre style operation of rolling stock with an onstage scenic area and an offstage fiddle yard area.  The siding at the front also allows some shunting to be undertaken.

This N gauge baseboard is also ideal for any railway enthusiast who would like a model to use as a through running shelf layout by placing additional small fiddle yard boards at each end.

NSLBF17 measures approximately 60.5cm long x 190cm wide and has a fully modelled station platform surrounded by fencing.  Imitation enamel advertising signs provide a little colour and character.  The station platform stonework has been painted and weathered to match the tunnel which masks the exit point to a fiddle yard at one end.  The opposite end of the layout has a double track steel and concrete bridge.

The country branch line theme is reinforced with imitation rock formations, bushes, weeds, a few wild flowers and lots of trees.  I designed the front of the layout with a long, flat, textured and painted goods yard area allowing lots of photography/video making opportunities.  The small area next to the goods yard is modelled as the edge of a pasture field/paddock where model cows, sheep or horses could be added.

By adding a variety of small accessories and vehicles to the station and goods yard areas, such as a small halt, platform store, coal staithes, huts, a yard crane etc. a favourite region or era could be implied.  A backscene can also be added to screen off fiddle yards.

NSLBF17 can be used as an analogue or DCC type model railway layout as there are no wiring restrictions.