Often the most enjoyable part of owning a model railway layout is experienced when adding rolling stock and accessories to recreate scenes from real life.  The individuality and character of a model railway can be changed from moment to moment by careful use and arrangement of accessories.

A sense of a regional identity and time period can be strengthened by the selection and operation of rolling stock which belongs to a particular railway company.  Buildings with appropriate architectural features and colour schemes can also be added to a model railway layout in order to reinforce a regional appearance.

The personal touch can take many forms when enhancing a model railway layout baseboard.  A group of passengers placed on a station platform could imply the morning rush hour.  Alternatively, a lone figure stood on the station platform watching workers labouring in the goods yard can help to create a sense of the last working hours of the day.

A sense of the labour intensive nature of a goods yard can be created by adding appropriate items in logical places.  Oil drums in a corner, old timbers used when needed as baulks to prop things up, an old tarpaulin and lengths of rope, all help to convey the ordinary everyday tasks performed in that particular area.  A broken box on a loading platform with apples strewn around can create a snapshot of mildly comic activity.

Carefully selected road vehicles, either added sparingly or in large numbers over a model railway layout, can also help to portray the nature and intensity of daily activity.

Some enhancements can be very simple yet incredibly effective, particularly in country scenes.  The addition of a single figure; a farmer mending a fence or a fisherman sat on a riverbank, can start to subtly develop visual interest.

A farm implement in the corner of a field, can create a sense of timeliness, with its brighter coloured new rust on the blades which wait to be called upon for a seasonal task.  Similarly, to help establish some of the history of a location, features such as old nissen huts and overgrown wartime pill boxes can be placed into the model railway scenery.

The addition of a single model deer can create the impression that the animal is in some of the quietest countryside.